Tuesday, April 17, 2007


First came across TED a few years ago and thought how great it would be to attend that... a conference by leading thinkers in technology, entertainment and design. My cup of tea altogether.

The great news is they have put over 100 of the presentations from previous years online. Terrific. All posted under Creative Commons licenses so freely repostable and linkable to. I wish only that there was one RSS stream so I could download whole chunks of the conference for viewing in iTunes. But even one by one, it’s worth the trouble.

Free Good Stuff, what’s not to love?

Go to it....

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  1. Actually you CAN download them. There are four download choices listed under most talks.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. The first one I went to had no video download, audio only...

    When I came to post that's what I remembered. But you are completely correct. I should probably edit out that overly snippy remark of mine...

    I'd like to see a general RSS feed, a la IT Conversations, being able to load the entire conference, or chunks of it at least, into iTunes, returning to the site for participation in fora or comments.


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