Monday, May 26, 2008

Killala Bay, Horse racing

Killala Bay, Horse racing, originally uploaded by Dromahaire.

Got to Killala for a party at a friends house and wandered down to the beach. They were doing their annual race on the beach and they got an incredible day for it.

The pounding of the hooves on the sand was truly amazing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hillside, originally uploaded by Dromahaire.

On the road out of Glencar Valley towards Sligo town. I love these stone walls, long crumbled, covered with earth and sod, criss-crossing the mountains. The labour involved must have been considerable and for what really....

By the way, this photo is filled with sheep... not that you'd know it. The G9 original file shows them, when I zoom in, and you can see a few when you view all sizes here in Flickr. The noise was nearly deafening when I was there, sheep bleating nearly constantly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Revenge of Mighty Mouse

Microsoft is now in the news too much. Gates still chattering about one thing or another. The company decides to bribe users to use their search engine. Microsoft Office not adding support for its own Open XML until Office 14. Apple and CBS sued over stealing Mighty Mouse name. Is Comcast irked over the set top boxes? GTA IV actor irked over only making $200,000 for doing voice work.University of TN prof. sending secret docs to enemies? Xbox360 copying the Wii style controller.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Straddling at Rosses

Straddling at Rosses, originally uploaded by Dromahaire.

Summer, 12 years old. Somethings are classic, others new. He may have an iPod, a digital camera, access to the net and a Wii, but his favourite thing in the whole world? His new Swiss Army penknife.

Mind you, it is pretty cool...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Something new...

I’ve been reading John C. Dvorak’s tech writing for as long as I’ve been interested in this stuff. He was the first general columnist I became aware of after Jerry Pournelle’s writing in Byte Magazine. My first computer was an Amstrad PC1512 and I was an early subscriber to PC Magazine where I came across John’s work. I stopped subscribing to PC Magazine once the Amiga, and later the Mac, became my main machines. I always remembered John’s style and one of the pleasures of the developing podcast world is now listening to him.

One of the strings to his bow is a short podcast called Tech 5 and he’s testing out delivering it directly to blogs, about ten or so initially, including mine.

I like his take on tech generally, though I’ve disagreed with him on occasion naturally enough. What I really like is his understanding that matters technological and business have a certain lifespan, they come and they go. Hype is just not something he’s going to participate in.

So readers will come across John’s show in my feed, hope you enjoy.

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Comcastic Speed

 Comcast upgrade works. Now I get as high as 22 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. The numbers fall off when you go overseas. Apple rolling out 4 more non-exclusive iPhone deals. Yahoo being sued. It decided to conceal details for some unknown reason. Missouri woman now indicted for cyberbullying. Comcast still being accused of throttling bit-torrent. Sprint says 2008 WiMax. Yeah, right. I like the Aliph Jawbone. ASUS making all its motherboards "instant on!" Wow.

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Headlong, originally uploaded by Dromahaire.

Just came across this shot in my trawl through my photos after I imported my iPhoto library into Aperture. I've always liked it, there's something about his energy that's conveyed here. Headlong and curious. the world open before him.

I remember this trip up the Leitrim mountains well, he plunged his arms deep into rabbit warrens, climbed higher than I felt comfortable, belted rocks with his geology hammer hoping to find a cluster of quartz.... He brought a hammer, I brought chocolate...

And yes, that is a Toy Story backpack.