Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Susan and Arin

I’ve followed these two for the past couple of years... it’s been amazing to watch them fulfill what the ongoing development of digital media has promised.

Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, and their project Four Eyed Monsters.


They are two filmmakers who, like many others, set out to make their first feature.

They were perhaps unwitting pioneers in a way, building an online presence around their project which ultimately absorbed their film and became bigger than it. it’s been great to follow it, each step of the way, not just uploading video, but building a community around their project, exploring everything from a premiere on Second Life to Google mashups for screenings.

They give me heart in that it’s not the future, it’s now. It’s the first time I’ve seen filmmakers act like musicians, making their stuff and marketing and distributing it themselves and operating at a certain level. The entire project is open and brave and full of humour and life, genuinely engaging...

The podcasts track the development of the film, its trials and tribulations through production and festival runs and now distribution. They’re funny and touching and really one of the best things on iTunes. I’d recommend watching the podcasts in sequence, including all the little bits promotional stuff... and then catching the film. They have the DVD on sale on their site.

It might tell you something of the impact of this project when you watch the purchasers of the DVD upload videos to YouTube of them opening the packages and popping them in their players. I love the fact that an audience felt that kind of connection, especially for an indie low budget feature.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head ... it isn't the future, it's now! I'm trying to put what I've learned from Arin and Susan to work for my own projects now, and thanks to their dvd, podcasts, tutorials, and actually talking with them on ichat, I'm actually conducting an interstate co-production with my cousin in Arizona where we're putting those skills and techniques to use!

    I feel a connection with the four eyed monsters, so much in fact that their actual dvd and film will make an appearance in my short film im currently producing, and think that they've opened the doors between filmmaker and audience.



  2. [...] blogged about these two before. They have now put their feature, all of it, on YouTube for free and legal viewing for one week [...]

  3. I enjoy your writing - can't wait for the next instalment![IMG]http://www.emoticon-village.com/img2.jpg[/IMG]


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