Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deep Blue

Mae's a wonder...

Okay, so I'm putting Mae, our three year old, to bed after Marian gives up trying to get her to sleep.

Her drink and sandwich taken, the stories done, we're lying in the dark...

'What's this called, Daddy', rubbing her hand on my forehead.
'That's called a forehead'
'Cos that's where the words are. The words are in there.'
'Oh you're thinking about your mind.'
'Inside there's a bone... a bone', her hands on either side of my skull.
'Yes, that's called your skull. Inside your skull is your brain and that's where your mind lives. And you do all your thinking inside your mind'.
'I'm thinking right now, Daddy'. Her forehead wrinkling, her finger pointing to where the action is.
'Yes, of course you are'.
'I'm thinking...'
'Uh uh...'
'...I'm thinking that Mommy should be putting me to bed...'

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